Hi! I am Haifa. I am a Digital Marketing Consultant and a self taught Arabic calligraphy artist, based in Calicut. I run a business called Calli Glore, I make hand crafted pieces. We have great pride in saying that we have the greatest calligraphy services in Calicut.


I started learning about Calligraphy, on a whim, a couple of years ago. It immediately gave me immense joy to put my vision/design onto paper.

With my artistic work I am not only bringing my creativity onto the canvas, but also a piece of my passion and my love. Among other things, art is a peaceful expression of my faith in a minimalist way.

We are here to treat you with the best of our services. We also make sure that once the order is confirmed it gets shipped as soon as possible. Also, we will get your piece exchanged if it gets damaged due to any of our actions. 

We have a wide-ranging collection and you can simply customize the products as per your wish. We provide you with the best of the artifacts in a pocket-friendly way. Calli Glore is my passion turned into a business.


I am happy that you got to know about me and my talent and of course, I hope that you will continue to stay with it and become a part of our community. 

With around, 300+ pieces sold and customers happy, I can say that Calli Glore is my guilty pleasure!