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"Rewaking your Imagination"

Calli Glore is thrilled to have you visit our gallery space. We look forward to share our space and works with you. A collection of narrative and inspired works are presented along with encouraging testimonials. As a calligraphy artist in Calicut I assure to blend the splendour of arabic art with my creative aspects so as to bring out the highest potential in me.


Hey! I had bought a calligraphy from you and it's damn beautiful with perfect detailing. Very happy to see you grow and thank you so much.

Hi. I am so glad that I found you. I got on my hand exactly the thing that I had in my mind. Thank you so much. You have magic in your hands. you are so talented.

Good Quality work. Have been on wall since 2 years and still with perfect condition. It is still in the same manner as it was. Would like to give more orders in future.

Very beautiful. The work was done exactly how I wanted it to be. It was delivered on time also. I am really happy and will definitely get many more works done by you. Way to go! May your Calli lore grow to be more prosperous day by day.

Really satisfied with the product and service.Thank you for doing it in a quick timespan.

I ordered a calligraphy work months ago. I have been searching for this product for a while and I got to know you. Your work is really amazing.Keep up the good job.

Your works are amazing. I really loved your calligraphy. It is very beautiful and really appreciating your work. Good luck and can't wait to see more of your talent.